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Question:There are several of your health products I like, can I take 2 or more of them at the same time?

Good Question! Our products can be used alone or together, if you need more information to maybe help you choose, please don't hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to share our knowledge.

Question: Your products seems to contain all the best of nutraceuticals, but how do I know they are good quality?

We do pride ourselves on offering the most concentrated and, unique and up to date with nutritional research available. Thank you for appreciating our efforts!
With regards to quality and are very careful in the selection of our ingredients and suppliers. Quality is a top priority and our all our formulas are manufactured in the UK under GMP and ISO9001 standards and are regularly subjected to unannounced quality checks.

Question: I am really excited about your Advanced Immune Support blend; can it stop me getting infections?

The Advanced Immune Support blend is designed to assist your body's defenses and can definitely improve your resistance to disease, including infection and inflammation, as well as help your body come back into health quickly. But there are many factors involved in getting unwell, including lifestyle and attitude so while  it may not stop you getting an infection; the Advanced Immune Support blend will make your response quicker and your recovery will be quicker to.