Dogs, Cats and Mushrooms

Updated: Jan 28

Mushrooms has been used to help manage and fight diseases for thousands of years in the East, but here in the West, without proper scientific trials and data, we have been reluctant to adopt the practice. It is not a moment to soon!

We have been losing out on some amazing little (and not so little) wonders, but we will not waste any more time spreading the magic of mushrooms.

Last week we promised we would talk mushrooms for dogs but we really mean cats and dogs.

Here at Magical Mushrooms we are constantly carrying out research and we read a lot.

Recently following the passing of several dogs and cats we know that were found to had been harboring different kinds of cancer undetected, we wanted to know more.

Joined by Jessica our 12 year old and much loved canine staff member we found these shocking figures from the Veterinarian Cancer Society: 47% of dogs and 33% of cats over the age of 10 are diagnosed with some form of Cancer, those are the one diagnosed, our friends were found to have cancer after they passed away, meaning the numbers must be higher.

This is tragic! Obviously the reason for this is multi-fold, and just like with humans, diet and lifestyle should be looked at. (we are especially worried about some store bought pet food: stay tuned; we are preparing a guide to reading labels and avoiding the worst kind of dog and cat food.)

We created Immune Plus primarily for humans, but dogs and cat’s can benefit to. The formula contains 5 immune system supports and Astragalus Root a highly regarded adaptogen and immune enhancer, Reishi Mushrooms which contain beta-glucans known to increase T-cell levels, Shitake providing antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal protection, Maitake promotes natural hormone balance and healthy cell growth, Lions Mane mushroom provides pre-biotic support and immune support. Chaga is believed to not only help fight cancer but help prevent it. We use Black Pepper in our formulas to help increase the bio- availability of all the above compounds.

Is cancer really preventable?

We see very promising studies and tests, but the truth is, there are so many factors involved, including possibly genetics, mental state, level of stress and the quality of food, water, air and the amount of exercise we take. Too little or too much cant trip the wire.

What we do know, is that we want to make it harder for cancer and other threats to the well being of our loved ones to flourish and equip ourselves and others as well as we can to fight back.

Don't miss out on discovering the terrifying truth right there on your pet food label, that you never noticed.

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