Immune Plus is a multi-mushroom Organic immunity blend with Maitake, ReishiShiitakeLion's ManeChaga PLUS Astragalus root, Acerola fruit and black pepper - all crammed into a convenient capsule, providing important nutrients (such as vitamin C and vegan vitamin D) and many active ingredients that are not found in other plants.


Immune Plus - Mind and Body Booster

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  • As well as its primary immune-boosting properties (with EFSA approved immunity claims), this special complex supports cognitive function, mental well-being and energy levels, a healthy digestion, lower levels of inflammation, gives protection from oxidative stress and improve general wellness.

    Being organic is vital for the mushrooms to maintain their bio-availability and keeps them nutrient-dense, as some nutrients can be lost when non-organic ingredients are used.

    A little about the mushrooms in this formula:

    Maitake (Hen of the Woods) mushroom
    Maitake is considered to be an adaptogen, which means it can help the body to better manage its stress response on a day-to-day basis. It can also help with chronic fatigue. A traditional Chinese tonic used for over 2000 years It has been used traditionally to help balance out the body, for immunity, blood pressure and for normalising blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is a source of beta-glucans and polysaccharides.

    Reishi mushroom
    Another adaptogen, Reishi mushroom major physiologically active constituents are polysaccharides, peptidoglycans, and triterpenes; powerful immune system boosters. It is arguably the most effective mushroom for managing inflammation, as it works on the histamine pathways, re-regulating the immune response and influencing immune signalling. For this reason, it can also be beneficial for respiratory health.

    Shiitake mushroom
    Shiitake mushrooms are members of a special group of medical fungi or mushrooms that have been used in Japan and South East Asia from over 1000 years. They can help to lower cholesterol levels, as well as fight infection (by producing interferon, a group of natural proteins that stops viruses from multiplying). Shiitake is naturally rich in polysaccharides, lentinan in particular, which is a beta-glucan. They are one of the most cultivated varieties of mushroom and are an excellent source of copper, the antioxidant selenium, and pantothenic acid.

    Lion's Mane mushroom
    Lion's Mane (or "mountain priest") mushroom helps boost the immune system by encouraging the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. It can also reduce inflammation and prevent tissue damage in the intestines, thereby helping to improve digestion. It is one of nature's most effective brain foods and can help support learning, memory, focus and concentration by assisting in the production of nerve growth factor. Buddhist monks are said to have used Lion's Mane in tea to enhance brain power, heighten their focus during meditation and to generally benefit from its effects on cognitive health. Studies have found that this mushroom can also reduce feelings of anxiousness and irritability. Making it a great natural solution to improve overall mental wellbeing.

    Chaga mushroom 
    For centuries, Chaga has been used traditionally to aid immune system function and also to boost overall health and is believed to also help:

    • Slowing the aging process.
    • Lowering cholesterol.
    • Preventing and fighting cancer. 
    • Lowering blood pressure. 
    • Fighting inflammation.
    • Lowering blood sugar.

    Astragalus root
    Astragalus root has been used as a popular herbal tonic in China for many centuries. Some of the known active components include flavonoids, free amino acids, trace minerals and polyphenols.

    Acerola fruit
    Acerola cherries are nutrient-dense and, in particular, they are exceptionally high in naturally bio-available vitamin C. In fact, researchers have identified nearly 150 nutritive constituents, which include bioflavonoids, proteins, mineral salts, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

    Black pepper
    Black pepper is the fruit of the black pepper plant from the Piperaceae family. Piperine is the alkaloid within black pepper that is responsible for its pungency. Not only is it a very good anti-inflammatory agent, it has been added to increase the absorption and utilisation of the other beneficial ingredients in this formula.