Rescue Me is a synergistic combination of Reishi mushroom, herbs, roots including the amazing Aswagada root and vitamins. Formulated to help the body manage stress, and adrenal fatigue, while also lowering blood sugar and cortizol levels, the combination is also supporting the immune system, enhancement of energy levels, mental performance and a general sense of calm, focus and vitality.

Rescue Me -Weight loss, Inflammation and Hormone Balance

  • With potent adaptogens, Rescue Me helps to balance hormones, allowing users to better manage their stress response on a day to day basis. These clever herbs help the body adapt to what it needs and regulate the system up or down, as required in the moment. The nature of adaptogenic herbs is to help a person “adapt” to their environment, as well as to normalise and regulate the body’s functioning.

    It combines important nutrients and nutraceuticals that support hormonal and adrenal health. Pantothenic acid, for example, is involved in the synthesis and release of adrenal hormones.

    Panax Ginseng also has an extensive history of use for the promotion of alertness and vitality, as well as counteracting fatigue, while Rhodiola is another powerful and fast-acting adaptogenic herb. It has been used traditionally to contribute to normal blood circulation, which in turn is associated with cognitive performance and reactivity.

    Rescue Me and offers excellent support for those who wish to put their body back in balance, restore immunity and reinvigorate their energy levels to combat life's daily physical and mental stresses.